My work experience involves roles as both a graphic designer and illustrator. I have an Associate in Arts in Graphic or Commercial Arts from Miami Dade College as well as an Associate of Science in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. In 2017 I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at Full Sail University as I was looking to update my skills and knowledge as a designer. 

Since 2005 I have worked with a diverse group of companies and clients providing personal and business services. Furthermore, my body of work ranges from working at a design and architecture magazine to making storyboards and concept art for a string of successful music videos. I’ve had experience working in South Florida as well as Latin America. My work experience has also involved social media and marketing for an SEO marketing company. Later on, I was mainly dedicated to finishing my studies while doing some freelance work occasionally. Presently I work as a graphic project coordinator for an international food concessionaire (airports & service plazas) and deal with proprietary & world famous brands.
Below some brands William has worked with:
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