This project involves the process for creating a new water label for international restaurant concessionaire AREAS USA Inc. The aim was to create a new water brand that was middle tier between lower and higher priced water. Below you'll see a mood board and evolution from "Fillion" to "Billow".
Idea & Thought Process
The concept behind “Fillion” spring water mainly comes from trying to create a new brand that is distinct and distanced from what is usually available within the confines of the project’s direction. This meant staying away from the usual conventions found in water label design such as color and name. I decided to base it of an aesthetic that was appealing, attainable and not out of grasp for the consumer.
I came up with the name “Fillion” which onto it self does not mean anything in particular just something that sounds pleasing. If I were to give it a meaning I might lean on the fact that “Fillion” is a French surname that derives from “fil” meaning “son” which was used as a nickname for the youngest son in the family. In this case, “Fillion” is the newest family member of a broader company, which is Areas.
Mood Board & Inspiration Images
I took note of what I find appealing and striking in colors for the aesthetic. Looking at bottles in their natural setting in a supermarket aisle I didn’t recall anything of note. I decided that I wanted to look for other water bottle brands with a more international appeal in stores in the hopes that there would be a difference. Eventually I did find some variety but in some ways the water brands I found didn’t stray that far from the usual norm. Regardless, I was pretty satisfied with what I found and it set up a nice foundation for I wanted to create.
The aesthetic that I finally decided on is mostly based on vibrant colors, art deco, neon lights and pop art. All this I feel is evocative of everything cool and appealing. All in all “Fillion” is a gathering of all these concepts in the hopes of finding a balance that is refreshing and modern. 
Initial name and label for this water bottle project
Water bottle name changed to "Billow". Here's an ad for a purposed campaign.
Final render of water bottles with the new name for this private water brand done for AREAS USA inc.
Final label with the new name for this private water brand done for AREAS USA inc.

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