Areas USA Inc. Corporate Run 2019 T-shirt
April, 2020
Hi-Lo Diner Printed & Digital Assets
March, 2020
City Point Bar Advertising Signs
March, 2020
Starr Hill Brewery Menus & Other Assets
March, 2020
Sunshine Market Marketing Assets
March, 2020
"Billow" Private Water Label
March, 2020
317 Tap Room Menus & Branding
October, 2019
Travel Agent Business Cards
October, 2018
The Force Is Female
October, 2018
College Dream Logo
August, 2018
Jurassic Park T-Rex Design
March, 2018
Tomb Raider Poster
March, 2018
Dallas Vintage Toys 10th Anniversary T-Shirt
October, 2017
Wedding Invitations
September, 2017
Baby Driver Snapchat Filter & Promotional Material
September, 2017
Identity Process Book: Alley Cat Lanes
September, 2017
Jose Mertz Feature Article
September, 2017
Good Luck Chewable Mints
September, 2017
MIT Media Lab Tech Identity, Advertising & Packaging
August, 2017
Light Bulb Mobile App Project
June, 2017
"Collector Squad" Show Promo Animation
December, 2016
"Hotdog Madness" Game App Loading Screen Animation
December, 2016
"Art of Wonder" NYCC UN Wonder Woman Illustration
October, 2016
Pizza Forno Menu Design
April, 2016
Ville-Marie Movie Event Poster
March, 2016
Water Bottle Label
March, 2016
Playing Card: Art Nouveau
February, 2016
A Story Retold: Public Service Announcement
January, 2016
Tegucigalpa Travel Poster
August, 2015
Meg Turney Logo & T-Shirt Designs
July, 2015
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